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Kyrgyzstan cars for rent 11  
Cars for rent Kyrgyzstan 11

Toyota 4Runner
01 day - 110 $
03-06 days - 90 $
07-13 days - 80 $
14-29 days - 70 $
30 and more - 50 $


Toyota Sequoia
01 day - 120 $
03-06 days - 100 $
07-13 days - 90 $
14-29 days - 80 $
30 and more - 60 $


Kyrgyzstan car for rent 11  
Car for rent Kyrgyzstan 11

Lexus GX470
01 day - 140 $
03-06 days - 120 $
07-13 days - 110 $
14-29 days - 90 $
30 and more - 70 $

Lexus LX470  
01 day - 140 $
03-06 days - 120 $
07-13 days - 110 $
14-29 days - 90 $
30 and more - 70 $


Every day we get a lot of requests for car rent in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. We work in this sphere for many years and that's why we are extending this service of auto rent to Tajikistan and Kazakhstan too. Our company is successfully developing in this sphere and we have constant clients and partners who always rent different types of cars. It is not complicated to travel to Central Asian countries, mostly for European tourists procedures of obtaining visa is much easier. For Kyrgyzstan it is usually non- visa regime, for Kazakhstan or Tajikistan they usually have more simplified procedures. It will be very easy to organize reservation of hotels in Kazakhstan as well as Kyrgyzstan and even Tajikistan. Along with reserving hotels you can rent cars of different class. Having cars for rent will make your trip to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan much simpler.

Every country is special and has its charming highlights, and Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan have their specific sites. In Almaty there are a lot of places connected with history in order to learn everything of Kazakhstan. It is possible to take the car for rent for one day or just a few hours. In Kazakhstan you can drive by car for rent to such places as Medeo, Charyn canyons, Shymkent, Turkestan Taraz and many other places. From Kazakhstan you can continue your journey to Kyrgyzstan, you can easily cross the Kordai border, pass the regular customs procedures and enjoy your following journey. In Kyrgyzstan it is possible to visit famous Issyk Kul lake, drive to the most inaccessible places and passes with wonderful views like Son Kul lake, Tash Rabat, Kichi Naryn gorge. In this kind of sites you need a reliable car for rent. Tajikistan is also a very interesting place to drive in a high mountainous level where you can take a car for rent and drive in the most difficult roads for adventure and fun.

Our staff in Dushanbe, Almaty, Bishkek is very assistant and can answer any questions regarding the car rent services, its conditions and prices. We can offer you a big diversity of cars for different occasions. We can also recommend which places to visit in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. Come to Central Asia and rent a car from our company!

If you decided to have a trip to Central Asia we can help you to choose good cars for rent.

With our managers it will be very easy to fulfill the documents for renting a car and then you can drive to your planned trip in Kyrgyzstan.

For travelling in Kyrgyzstan it is very convenient to rent a car and set up your own adventure across the whole territory of the country.

If you do not want to care about traffic and all the driving you have a chance rent a car with driver leaving all the responsibility behind and just enjoying the beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan you may need a car rent with driver.

There are several points why you should rent a car from our company in Bishkek.

There is no gainsaying our car rental company honesty.

Our staff offers you prices that are the most profitable and lower than purchasing prices from car rental companies in our country.

We would like to cheer you up and introduce you a car rent agency in Bishkek, one of the best car rent company all over Kyrgyzstan.

Our car rental services are different from the point of view of comfort, security and many options.

Nowadays car rental becomes more and more popular because it is a simple and reliable means to travel more independently abroad.

With our cars for rent you can travel to wonderful places such as Issyk Kul lake, Sary Chelek lake, Osh city, or Naryn and Tash Rabat, or overcome the most difficult passes with spectacular views. 

We are an agency offering super cars for rent in Uzbekistan. 

In order to book car rent in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan you have to send your passport and driving license and make small deposit.

We are the best ones to offer you high customer service and the lowest prices in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan for car rent and hotels. 

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