Toyota 4Runner car for rent Kyrgyzstan

Toyota 4Runner


01-07 days - 60 $ 
08-15 days - 50 $
16-25 days - 45 $
01-07 days - 100 $ 
08-15 days - 90 $
16-25 days - 80 $ 

 the best Kyrgyzstan off road tours Toyota 4Runner 

Kyrgyzstan is famous for its unique mountainous nature. And the reason of its uniqueness is location. Kyrgyzstan is located far from the seas and oceans on a high position above sea level.  Climate in Kyrgyzstan is sharply continental. Not all cars can drive in such conditions. Therefore, the best choice for you is to rent a car. Toyota 4Runner will be not only reliable on the road, but also comfortable. By renting cars from us, you'll be sure they're safe. In addition, you can use the car rental service with or without a driver. The car rental service with the driver allows you not to think about the route of your tour. You can rest and enjoy beautiful views from the window.
Renting this car is wonderful choice to see such beautiful places as Ala Archa National Park, the Pearl of Kyrgyzstan - Issyk Kul Lake and no less beautiful Son Kul Lake. You can see all this in the absolutely comfortable Toyota 4Runner interior.

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