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Kyrgyzstan tour: Trekking 2009
Date: Kyrgyzstan
Tour type: Trekking Tour
Tour: 14 days

Day 1: Arrive at Manas International Airport. Transfer to Bishkek. Accommodation and breakfast at the hotel. After that, a trekking holidays in the city of Bishkek, you can make a trip to the National Park Ala-arch, or a ride on a mountain road in the gorge Issyk-ATA. Lunch. Return to Bishkek.
Day 2: We will tour the Valley Susamyr trekking through the pass-Too-Ashu. We will start trekking tours through the gorge of the valley to the village Kekemeren Lie. During the night in tents or in a guest house in gulls.
Day 3: Breakfast. Trekking through the pass of Kara-Keche and trekking down to Son-Kul lake. Night in a yurt.
Day 4: The day will begin with the leadership of trekking tours in southern and western shores of Lake Son-Kul. Night in camp.
Day 5: Breakfast. Trekking through Kalamak-Ashu and necessary down-Bulak village. At 7 pm dinner. Night in camp.
Day 6: We will be trekking tours v.Sary-up Kudzhur Kara Bulak. At the end of the valley we will have a trekking tour to pass Zhalpak Bell. Lunch. Trekking Ascent to pass. Night in a tent camp pass.
Day 7: We will be trekking tour with a pass, and then move to the upstream tributary of the river right Dzhyluu-Su. Trekking hot mineral springs. You will spend the night in tents.
Day 8: Breakfast. Trekking in Uchimchek throat (Ashuluu-Tobe), a camp at the foot of Tosor pass. You will have time for mountain trekking tour Chankyr-Kul lake.
Day 9: Breakfast. Trekking to Tosor past. Then you will be trekking tour at the end of the canyon on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. Lunch. Trekking in the village Tamga waiting for you. Night in a hostel.
Day 10: Breakfast. Day of the rest. You may have a radial round trips. Night in a hostel.
Day 11: We will be trekking in the Jeti-Oguz gorge. Lunch. More than half of the road will run into the road, crossing the dirt road begins after the turn of the valley (about 30 km to the camp). Night in yurts.
Day 12: We will tour the main road trekking, trekking tour in Karakol. Lunch. After lunch, going trekking around town, visiting the sights. Night in a hostel.
Day 13: Breakfast. Transfer to Bishkek in the north shore of Lake Issyk-Kul valley Boom. Night in a hostel.
Day 14: After breakfast the guide will be at the airport, depending on departure time of your data.


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An important condition for building socialism in Kyrgyzstan, as in other areas of the USSR was a socialist transformation of agriculture.
In the course of building socialism in the Soviet Kyrgyzstan has undergone fundamental changes in culture and ideology. In Kyrgyzskoy SSR cultural revolution was carried out is difficult for various reasons. They were determined by economic and cultural backwardness of the region in the past, nomadic and semi-nomadic way of life, the small number of working-class literacy. In 1924 was founded Alphabet Kirghiz people. During the first decade of Soviet power were the first steps in the fight against illiteracy. And in 1926 the overall literacy rate was 15%. Through the efforts of Party, government organizations in 1939 in Kyrgyzstan, the literacy rate among the population between the ages of 9 to 49 years rose to 82%. During the Soviet period there was a system of public education. During the Cultural Revolution in the country have been created national written form, print, and cultural - educational tutoring.



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