Horse games

In ancient times, this game was part of the wedding ritual. By rule, the bride was given the best horse and the right to start racing on his horse. Groom indulged in pursuit of the girl that was proof of his love and the right to marry her. As a horse groom was weaker, sometimes a young man could not catch up with the beloved. After that she could "reward" it blows my whip (whip), but did not reject future spouse and the marriage still played.
At the present time, this traditional folk game is usually arranged at the holidays, for example, the green surfaces of mountain pastures (jailoo) or on racetracks.
Ulak-tartysh is a fight for the carcass of a goat between two teams of horsemen. Apparently, this game was originally developed in ancient times, when the herds of cattle grazed in the steppes and the mountains all year round - subject to possible attacks by wolves. Not having firearms, the shepherds could not withstand predators. Brave horsemen on horseback chased by wolves before they fall, and then started beating them with sticks and whips, tried to discourage animals from each other.
It is also believed that this game was invented to train experienced riders to help soldiers in learning the secrets of riding and battle on horseback.
Over time, the wolf took the place of the goat carcass. Goat skin is well withstand the onslaught of the fight, but long hair is suitable for grasping and holding.
Tyyynenmey - this is a contest in which young horsemen can demonstrate their skills in horsemanship and agility. Earlier in the game used the coin, which at full gallop, it was necessary to pick up from the earth - now replaced by coins of the flags of non-ferrous scraps. Flags are placed at certain distances from each other while moving horsemen who galloped sent to them, trying to bend at full gallop, and as close as possible to catch them. As soon as the rider can grab the flag, he throws it high above him so that viewers can keep score. After three visits the rider with the best results be declared the winner.