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Kyrgyzstan tour: Trekking 1911
Date: Kyrgyzstan
Tour type: Trekking Tour
Tour: 17 days

Day 1: Arrive at the airport "Manas" and transfer to Bishkek. After placement of the hotel you will have to strengthen the morning and rest. After lunch will tour. Overnight at hotel.
Day 2: We will be trekking in the valley We Chon-drive (190 km) and then start trekking tours in Chon-We (15 km). You will have lunch at noon. You will spend the night in tents.
Day 3: Breakfast. Our excursion tour-we Chon River at the foot of cock Ayryk pass (35 km). Night in tents.
Day 4: We will be trekking trekking tour is Ayryk cock (3869m), about 15 road sections creeping dirt road with some rocky terrain. You will have lunch at noon. On top of cock Ayryk past, you have a trekking tour through the small snow fields near the glaciers (in good ways). After trekking to the main road. Night in a hostel.
Day 5: You will have a trekking tour in Karakol. You will have lunch at noon. Accommodation in a guesthouse. After lunch city tour. Night in a hostel.
Day 6: Breakfast. Trekking in the Jeti-Oguz. You will have lunch at noon. And then you have a trekking tour in Tosor yurt camp. Night in yurts.
Day 7: We will be trekking tours Tosor union and Sara-Terre (20 km-road complex). Night in tents.
Day 8: Today, when the sun comes up, you start trekking tour through the Ak-Terek Pass (2540m), 40 km mountain road in the village Bokonbaevo. You will have lunch at noon. Then we are trekking tours in Kochkor. Night in a hostel.
Day 9: Breakfast. Trekking from the necessary Kochkor-Bulak (approximately 35 km), then you will have a trekking tour on the river Kara-Kuzhur. To set up a tent near the bridge (2600 feet).
Day 10: In the morning you have a trekking tour in Zhalpak Belle Pass (3300 m). Then we are trekking tour at the confluence of the rivers - Kara-SAZ and Kichi-Nary (total length about 65 km). During the night in tents at an altitude of 2700m.
Day 11: Breakfast. Our excursion tour of Kichi-Nary, who is one of the largest rivers in Central Asia - Nary. You will have a tour round the old road that is used for construction of transmission lines and increase the main road. At this point, you set the tent on the night of necessary scenic valley-Kung (2500m).
Day 12: We will have tours of the tour passes along a main road, but then you get a small dose of adrenaline. You will have a trekking tour on a mountain trail and then the river trekking Nary. On the main road, you will have a trekking tour in Nary. Night in a hostel.
Day 13: We will pass trekking tour to Kyzyl-Bel. If you want you can have a trekking tour on the slopes. You will have lunch at noon. Then you continue trekking tour, Tash Rabat, where you can visit the old hotel. Night in a yurt.
Day 14: Breakfast. We will be trekking tours. Lowest point between the two passages - 2800MT above sea level. From the high point of last Berayluu you can have a trekking tour and watch the magnificent view over the river valley Nary. After trekking tours in the past you will be riding on the confluence of Rivers: Kyrtka and Kohl-Cain (80). Total distance is 20 km trekking tours. During the night in tents (2100 m altitude).
Day 15: Breakfast. Trekking in Lake Son-Kul pass the Moldovan-Ashu pass (3200 m). In the end you have a trekking tour in yurt camp on the shores of Lake Son-Kul. Son-Kul is the width of the second lake in Kyrgyzstan. It serves as a summer pasture for local herders and livestock owners. The camp will be separated at an altitude of 3020m.
Day 16: Breakfast. We will return to Bishkek. Overnight at hotel.
Day 17: After breakfast the guide will be at the airport, depending on departure time of your data. 

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Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45 demonstrated the strength of the Soviet Union. The country faced the problem of further development. Industry of the Republic in 1946 moved to full production for the needs of the economy and population. In 50 years Kyrgyzstan has reached new achievements in economic development, improving living standards and cultural level of the country. Over the next decades, created a powerful economic complex, the basis of which amounted to a diversified industry and large-scale agriculture, passing the science and skills of the working class and peasantry. In the period from the 60s in Kyrgyzstan are more than 150 industrial enterprises, and enterprises that are important for the entire Central Asian region and Kazakhstan.Markedly increases the level of mechanization of agriculture.



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