Since Kyrgyzstan is a mountain country, from the point of view of mountaineering, it is seen as an incredible location. And it's a popular way to spend free time renting cars in Kyrgyzstan during a tour. Our nation is an excellent location for hiking and trekking for mountaineers. It was forbidden to go high up in the mountains during the Soviet Union period. And only a handful of the high-ranking persons were able to get permission to climb the mountain tops.

Travel with our guides and they will have further information about our Kyrgyzstan's mountains on tours and help to rent a car, both permits and conditions, benefits and drawbacks. Please do not ignore that, from the point of view of threats of avalanches and fractures, being in the heights poses problems.

Today on tours in Kyrgyzstan, we may claim that the title of the Snow Leopard award is granted when trekkers manage to vault from the peaks of 7000m above sea level. And about 600 climbers managed to get the prize in Soviet days.