Climbing in Ala Archa canyon

Boarders find Kyrgyzstan as a country where the most amazing opportunities of climbing can be taken. And for this just on the arrival to Kyrgyzstan they rent a car and travel to Ala Archa gorge. Here everyone can organize a tour, filled with the most inspired emotions. As the guests get here on the rented cars, they live them near the gorge for going climbing there. The gorge is known to be places at the heights of 1600-4800m, where different heights present different temperatures and flora and fauna life. That is why almost any tour in the country is organized with the visiting of this gorge, having the park of natural meaning, with the territory of 22 km2.

Guests are able to have a wandering traveling along the gorge, as walking along the paved paths, or start right to the mountains, seeing all of the beauties of them. Mountains tend to offer us unforgettable heights. At the same time as taking trekking and hiking there, be the one to visit the Ak-Sai glacier and the Ratzek's hut.