Commonwealth of a nation

On coming to Kyrgyzstan there may be difficulties in understanding the territory of the country in frames of relief. For nowadays you can travel in the country surrounded by mountains with various neighbors in face of Central Asia countries. One of interesting facts is in the total km number - it is equal to the combined size of Nebraska or England and Scotland.

It is always amazing to be able to rent a car like Lexus LX470 for a tour and cover borders with China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, emotions from such a tour will be unforgettable, we assure. As you travel here it is possible to visit high-altitude lakes, enjoy the views of gorges and of course breathe fresh air of pastures.

As Kyrgyzstan is located in the mountains most of the places are set at the height of 1000 m, and higher. It may be difficult to get to the highest points due to the coldness, but there are glaciers there, which never melt. Though common global ecological situation shows us problems of glaciers starting to melt. On the other side, of the mountain for example or when you are not at the very height, there can be seen deserts. Let's make a comparison of country territory-covering - agriculture takes 6.3%, forests - 4.25%, glaciers about 4%.

Being in our country visitors will see that there are no strong winds here, it is described by the mountain location, they protect the city and all the regions.

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