Dungan mosque

On the tour in Kyrgyzstan, travelers can visit the Dungan Mosque and rent car in well-known important destination areas. The historical backdrop of the mosque is well-thought-out attractive and worthy of investigation by tourists.

In 1877, people left the Chinese area on flight and went to the destination of nowadays tour. After appearing, they opened an arrangement. 1907 was the year when welcomed the designer Chjou Siy. At that time, 20 people helped build the mosque. During your tour in Kyrgyzstan, you will see that this mosque activates without metal ligaments.

These days, sightseers have the opportunity to rent cars and explore mosques alone. At the same time, the Bishkek government provides car rent services, giving you the opportunity to sightsee the structural shadows. See the red color as the guarantee of against of devil, the richness of the yellow color and the serenity of green. In the Soviet era, thinking about God and visiting strict places was persistent. It basically happened in the 20th century. At that time, as a result of the Second World War, there were sufferers and Muslims gave a significant amount of cash. At that time, the organization accepted access to it. These days, you need to deliberate car rent services in Kyrgyzstan so that you can choose a tour to Karakol city and Dungan Mosque.

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