Issyk Kul lake or the flooded gap

Local residents preserve ancient traditions and legends that are part of the Kyrgyz culture. They are a mixture of historical realities and folk fantasy. Some of them explain the origin of toponyms. Getting to know them helps you learn more about the unique country called Kyrgyzstan. Surely while having tours you will learn more from our guides. Moreover, you can take a car rent service in tours for your comfort.

Many legends are made up by the people about how the lake "Issyk-Kul" appeared. This is one of them. In ancient times, a large and beautiful city stood on the place where a high-mountain lake now splashes. Once there was a great disaster - a strong earthquake, which did not spare any buildings or people. The ground sank, and the resulting depression filled with water. A lake was formed on the site of the city. It so happened that on the eve of a terrible earthquake, a group of young girls left the city for the mountains to collect firewood for the furnace. Only these girls were left alive. Every morning they began to come to the lake, crying bitterly, and could not accept the loss of their loved ones. Sitting on the shore, they shed bitter tears that fell into the waters of the lake. So many tears were shed that the lake became bittersweet. The old people say that the lake has destroyed many human destinies. The bitterness of the sadness and longing of those girls was later reflected in the name of the lake - " Issyk" - warm (like tears).

Aksakals - elderly respected people-believe that the nature of the lake is similar to the mood of those grieving girls: it is sometimes silver-gray stormy, roaring, then quiet and thoughtful, mesmerizing you with its clear waters of the color of sapphire. Everyone wants to explore after hearing such legends, does not it? Travel with our tour company, take a car rent, feel the freshness of Central Asia and Kyrgyzstan!