Kyrgyz traditional drinks

A significant component of the nomadic people who traveled across the mountains, valleys and steppes were traditional Kyrgyz drinks. We state that in this case, the drinks are nutritious and tasty. So, we agreed to try out the drinks that are recommended for car rental that should be tasted on the tour around Kyrgyzstan.

It is collected from the milk of the mare and plays an important part in the lives of the Kyrgyz people. It is understood that in order to get milk, it is necessary to milk mares for approximately 1,5 hours. The nomads on the pastures, served in leather jugs and bags, make use of this drink. As with the properties of the Kymyz, a certain amount of vitamins are defined by individuals along with being tasty.

Maksym and Jarma
Talkan, made from cereals such as wheat cereal, flour, and even fried fat, seems to render Maksym. As the tour opens the door for local people to ride and see for their own eyes how they add water, salt and boil cereals for a certain amount of time, then leave for around 10 hours to cool off, guests can see the technique of producing the drink today. The fact that Jarma can be taken in a warm state is also positive and nourishing. Furthermore, if you are seriously thirsty, drink it on Kyrgyzstan tours.

Airan is another popular drink made out of the milk of a cow. It is water made up of bacteria that are stable. In the Kyrgyzstan Lexus LX470 car rental tour, the manufacturing process can be seen, as the milk is heated, then cooled and fermented for around 8 hours. It is a hunger-relieving reservoir and can be used.

Ak serke
Cooked out of beef broth, known as ak serke, is the other popular drink. Blended with 200 grams of salt and buttermilk, 1 liter of boulion is considered. It'll then be left to stay warm. When visitors discover they're starving, they're supposed to drink it.

In cuisine, bozo is one of the most complex drinks. They are both derived from millet, corn, wheat or rice, which are the natural components. The locals are always given a choice of the strongest bozo, which is the most delicious and the least powerful. On the Kyrgyzstan tour, everyone in the world can do what they want to use the rental service for cars.

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