Traditional clothes

Our team would like to tell travelers who are going on a tour and rent a car in Kyrgyzstan those Kyrgyz traditional clothes were an important part of the culture of the people. Therefore, welcome to beautiful Kyrgyzstan and the time to start an unforgettable tour with Bishkek car rent service, through that you can learn a lot more about Kyrgyz traditional clothes.

Many travelers are already trying tours and rent a car in order to get acquainted with customs and traditions, including learning as much as possible about Kyrgyz traditional clothes.

It is important to note that the traditional clothes of any people are a reflector of the spirit, way of life and the inner world of the people. Now the Kyrgyz traditional clothes have been and remain unique for about 700 years, reflecting the Kyrgyz specifics. The main difference of Kyrgyz traditional clothes that travelers will study in detail or even see is that the traditional clothes of the Kyrgyz people were oriented towards the nomadic way of life. The ancestors of the Kyrgyz, putting on these traditional clothes, felt comfortable at the height among the winds.

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To anticipate a little, travelers in modern days will not be able to meet Kyrgyz dressed in traditional clothes during the tour with rent. However, there is such a service as Bishkek car rent, so you can visit the museum where exhibitions of Kyrgyz traditional clothes are held. Therefore, here we want to briefly tell about the traditional clothes of the Kyrgyz people. Let's start with the men, they wore jarq shym, kandagay, chalbar trousers, Chokoy and Charyk shoes and tebetey, kalpak and malakai hats. Then the ancient Kyrgyz wore a warm coat "Ichik". This fleece coat is typical for both men and women. As for Kyrgyz women, they preferred to wear a beautiful skirt called "beldemchi". Moreover, of course it is worth mentioning when speaking about Kyrgyz traditional clothes about the clothes of young girls, whose headdresses were decorated with bird feathers, with various traditional ornaments, pearls and precious stones. In addition, these young ladies wore a chiptama jacket. We hope that travelers now have a little idea about Kyrgyz traditional clothes that can be seen in a museum or on the main square of the country during national holidays while on the tour with rent a car service in Kyrgyzstan.