Kyrgyzstan culture

The main difference between the nomadic culture - from settled, is its very essence - nomadic.

Moving in line with the natural cyclic changes of nature - a nomad himself became an integral part of nature, and it shaped different, different, different from today's world. In contrast to currently existing in the world view is constantly striving to transform nature, the Nomad was not necessary. Nomads did not change the nature - they lived in it. Hence the light walls of the yurt, which is not fenced off from the world and define their personal living space. Perhaps fencing off from the world - is one of the main differences between sedentary culture - from the nomadic. It is also noteworthy that over a thousand years in the construction of the yurt window does not appear, although technically it is very easy. You only think about how much you have to be integral to this world, so as not to need a box. Do not look at the world through a loophole.
 Only one window, staring at the sky. And this despite the fact that the nomad at any time kvstrechi was prepared with the enemy, and still he saw no need to look at the world through the window. In the tent do not fight. That's really really hiding behind the walls is not about soldiers, nomads. My house, not a fortress.
Of course, it must be said and what is most often mentioned about the tent - her mobility.
Within thirty - forty minutes, it can deliver, or take apart. After collecting and linking yurt, the nomads put it on a camel and then journeyed, led his flock. And when you speak the language of biology, the herd migrated hunter and nomad migrate with the herd. This possibility is reflected once again the free movement of natural character of the nomadic dwelling.
The design of the yurt was created under the guidance of Nature - the chief architect. This is the basis of its amazing natural and natural harmony.
Those who could, for a time to live in a yurt knows how much there is another living space. There is a feeling that consciousness is becoming big. Perhaps this creates a sense of inner peace terms and the dome of the Jurassic. Yurt is a life without angles. Harmony range of sounds in many of the usual for us, allegories and metaphors. Such as the "circle of friends", "the family", "Knights of the round table." As in the practice of Zen masters, the circle symbolizes the harmony of being, and a circular space of a yurt is a principle of harmony of the universe
Everyone can make a difference by simply rotating the ball in his hands, and die. Listening to him, we'll see how the ball is softer and more comfortable for our hands.
 Yurt reflects the natural environment and the natural dynamics of change.
Fractals of Nature, iteration of its elements, always brings the sharpness and clarity of the specification - all evidenced in the natural geometry of the yurt.
Go into the tent had to be on the right foot, and always crossed the threshold. In no case can not step on the threshold.
Yurt reflects the natural life, but so is a reflection of the natural and the process of expanding human consciousness.
Law jars of Genghis Khan - as a focus of conscious presence in the living space.
You can hang out as much as in the steppes and valleys, but by engaging in something whose living space, if you please, do it consciously.
Since ancient times, for the nomads only law was and remains the Sky.
By the power of the Eternal Blue Sky, and determined the nomadic life of the space.
Where is the dome of the yurt, a dome of heaven.