Kyrgyzstan lake

Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan the main breadwinner. It is very deep, does not freeze even in winter, because the resorts and hotels operate year-round.

It will find a rest and lovers of natural beauty, and wishing to improve their health and men of science.Here there are comfortable hotels and campsites, motels, cozy cottages and family with a lot of undeveloped, wild places of interest to its pristine nature.The soft style of beauty of the lake, untouched set of tracks near the shores of the lake is calling for a study and admiration. Roaring waterfalls side by side with a stunning green meadows, gorges and fir trees, holding up the sky.For the mass of tourists here are designed routes, trails for mountain climbing, the map is dotted with amazing points of history and nature, and for fans of untrodden paths experienced guides will help pave the entirely new routes.Its waters are transparent.The most transparent lake in the world along with Baikal. Sunbeam penetrates to a depth of 70 meters and the deepest lake - 668 m, however, in some places and sonar signal is not reflected from the bottom.
Its healing waters.Lake bring their wealth and give 80 small streams, but no river does not carry these azure waters. Because of water saturated with healing minerals and salts (salinity of 5.90%). The chemical composition of water is close in composition to the seltzer. Sodium, potassium, magnesium, silicon, chlorine, iron, and even radon gas can work wonders with health visitors of the lake.
Its climate is unique.Mining and marine climate of Issyk-Kul basin is almost nowhere to be found on our planet. Lakeside striking contrast, a rare natural zones: the east - a steppe in the west and the slopes of the mountains - the semi-desert, and through the gorges - dense spruce forest. Because ...
His air is amazing.It can capture the flavors of the Alpine meadows and spruce forests, blowing from the lake breezes filled with the freshness of negative ions, snow-capped peaks complete this bouquet of atmospheric purity of mountain air at 94% of the mountainous country.
His boundless expanse.Because many of the Issyk-Kul is compared with the sea. More than just his distant Lake Titicaca in South America.
His generous sun.Here he was more than even the Black Sea, 2,700 hours of sunshine a year. For comparison, in Moscow only in 1600.