Northern Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz ethnic group was known in Central Asia as early as the 1st millennium BC To 2.5 cc. BC kochevni  ki, who lived in the north of the current Kyrgyzstan formed a powerful tribal alliances, the southern areas of the settled population in 2. BC-4. BC included in the state Parkan in the Kushan Empire. 6-12 cc. Kyrgyzstan was part of the Western Turkic Khanate, state properties  tyurkeshey, Karluk, Karahanid. In 13 of the 1st floor. The 16th century. transition under the authority of the Mongols, the Oirat slowed the development of settled agriculture, the growth of  childbirth. But the Kyrgyz managed to maintain their ethnic  skuyu independence. In the 2nd floor. The 15th century. Kirgiz ethnic group in the Skye  basically taken shape. In the 1st third of the 19th century. Kyrgyzstan was conquered by Kokand khans, col  nuvshimisya serious resistance of the population of . By 1863 the northern Kyrgyzstan is good voluntarily joined the Russian Empire,  nye southern areas were annexed after the fall of the Khanate of Kokand in 1876.
Entry into the Russian Empire, rivshee accelerated development of productive forces, while at the same time led to the strengthening of colonial oppression, accompanied by rising protest speeches  tions of the masses. The most serious was the Central Asian uprising in 1916 was brutally suppressed by the authorities fief.
In November 1917 and June 1918 in Kyrgyzstan, Soviet power was established in 1921-22 held the land and waters reform. October 14, 1924 was established the Kara-Kirghiz Autonomous Region within the RSFSR (from May 25, 1925 Kyrgyz), transformed with the February 1, 1926 in the Kyrgyz autonomous republic within the RSFSR. On December 5, 1936 - Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic within the USSR.
In October 1990 the Supreme Council of Kyrgyzstan took a decision to rename  tion of the Kirghiz SSR in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, 15 December 1990 adopted the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the Republic of Kyr  stan, and August 31, 1991 - Declaration of nezavisimos  ty of Kyrgyzstan. May 5, 1993 was approved by the official name of  tial Kyrgyzskoy Republic adopted its new constitution.