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Kyrgyzstan Trekking: Trek 07
Your trip: Kyrgyzstan
Type of trip: Trekking Tour
Time of tour: 18 days

Day 1: Arrival at Manas International Airport. Transfer to Bishkek city. Accommodation and breakfast at the hotel. Then, in, afternoon tour of the city. Bishkek is located in the Chui valley, at altitudes of 700 to 900 meters above sea level, at the foot of the range Kyrgyz Ala-Too mountain. During the tour, we will visit museums, galleries, parks and other city attractions. Night is at the hotel.
Day 2: Breakfast. We will move from Bishkek to Balykchi, and then directly into the valley We Chon-machine (190km), and then a cycle treck along the river Chon-have (approximately 15 km). At 7 pm dinner is served. Night is in tents at the height of 1905 meters above sea level.
Day 3: In the morning we continue our trekking tour along the river Chon-We have to go Kok Ayryk feet, length of road will be 35 km with no steep climbs. Lunch. The road is in good shape so there will be particular difficulties during the trekking tour. At 7 pm dinner is served. Night is in tents at an altitude of 2800 meters above sea level.
Day 4: We will have trekking tour on our way to Ayryk Kok (3869m. above sea level). We will have trekking tour more than fifteen creeping part of a dirt road with some rocky areas. On top of Kok Ayryk pass, you will be trekking tour along small residual snowfields and glaciers in the area. Along your trekking tour you will see a magnificent view of Lake Issyk-Kul, with its tantalizing shine and a charming blue. After trekking tour you will pass on the main road (7 km) to Cholpon-ATA. Cholpon-ATA is the central tourist city in Issyk-Kul region. You will have the opportunity to have a trekking tour through the city and relax on the beach. Accommodation will be in a local family. At 7 pm dinner is served.
Day 5: Breakfast. We will travel by car (155 km). Lunch. Karakol city is situated at an altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level. The atmosphere in this city will take you back a hundred years ago in Tsarist Russia, the old houses in the Russian style. Dungan mosque building and a wooden Russian Orthodox Church 19th century will also surprise you. Night is a guest house.
Day 6: We will have trekking tour from the Jeti Oguz Karakol. Jeti Oguz, or "seven bulls", about 50 miles southwest of Karakol town. Motley valleys of sandstone rock formations of bright red, the best place to relax or stroll on horseback. At 7 pm dinner is served. Night is in tents or yurts.
Day 7: The day will begin with guided trekking tours Tosor yurt camps, where they will stay for the night. At 7 pm dinner is served.
Day 8: We will have trekking tours at the confluence of rivers and Sarah Tosor. Night is in tents.
Day 9: Breakfast. From the yurt camp we will have trekking tours in Ak-Terek pass (2540m. above sea level). Then we will be trekking tours in a rural mountain road in Bokonbaevo. After trekking tour you should use the car to the village Kochkor (95km). Night is a private guest house.
Day 10: We will have trekking tours in the village Kochkor sary-Bulak village to main road (about 35 km), followed by unpaved road to the river Kara-Kuzhur (20 km). The night is in a tent camp near the bridge (2600m.above sea level).
Day 11: Breakfast. We conduct trekking tours through Bel Jalpak pass (3300m), then trekking tours to the crowd of Kara-SAZ and Kichi-Nary, length of road is about 65km. At 7 pm dinner is served. Night you will spend in tents at an altitude of 2700m. above sea level.
Day 12: The day will begin with guided along the river trekkingtour Kichi-Nary, who is a contributor to one of the largest rivers in Central Asia - Nary River. We have trekking tours along the old road and go up the main road, where we will overnight in tents needed-Kung Valley (2500m above sea level).
Day 13: In the morning we will continue our trekking tour. The tour will take you trekking in the mountain path, where you will get a lot of adrenaline. Then you will have trekking tours to Nary river (2100m). When you get the main road, the car will take you to the city of Nary, where you will be placed in the guest house.
Day 14: We will have trekking tours in Kyzyl-Bel Pass (2600m), then if you want, 15-kilometer trekking tour for landing in the country where you will wait for the car, can be realized. And then we will continue to tour Tash-Rabat trekking (90 km). You can visit the ancient caravan Tash-Rabat (11 century) - a unique structure, which has no analogues in the world. Night you will go to a local family yurt Kyrgyzstan (2800MT).
Day 15: Breakfast. Trekking tour guide on 2 passes: Fist-Ashuu (3400m) and Berayluu (3300m). Lowest point between the two passes - 2800MT above sea level. From the highest point is Berayluu spend your trekking tour and a magnificent view of the river valley Nary. After trekking tour from Berayluu pass our car will give a lift to unite jacket and Number Cain. The total distance for the day trekking tour is 23 km. Night is in tents at 2100m height.
Day 16: After breakfast we will make a trekking tour in Son-Kul lake (35 km), in the way we would have spent trekking tour to the Moldovan-Ashu Pass. Son-Kul is a mountain lake of the Tien Shan, which is the second width of the lake in Kyrgyzstan at a 3013m altitude. Night is the yurt camp.
Day 17: We will have trekking tours through the Kara-Keche pass (3384m). After trekking tour before the show started mining the Kara-Kechinskogo brown-coal deposits. After that we will have trekking tours in the area of ​​Chaek. This is the final tournament of about 15 km trekking. Night is the guesthouse of seagulls.
Day 18: Breakfast. We will return to Bishkek from the sea of ​​positive emotions through the Tunnel Multi-Ashu Pass (3586m. above sea level). Night is at the hotel.
Day 18: After breakfast will be taken by your guide at the airport, according to the departure time of your data.



    According to the Concept of development of tourism to 2010, to embassies and

Representations KR abroad are necessary for promoting actively

To attraction of credits and investments for financing of reconstruction and

Buildings of objects of tourism and sanatorno-improving complexes.

Other problem is, work activization on information distribution

Through mass-media for foreign and local investors for the purpose of their attraction to

To participation in direct negotiations, auctions, tenders for acquisition of objects

Kurortno-recreational economy and tourism.

    The state committee on tourism, sports and the youth policy

Constantly go investproekty to embassies KR abroad. So were

14 investment resumes with investment projects in sphere are directed

Tourism. Also with a view of search of investors the given investment projects

Are placed on a site.



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